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The Siena Conservative Club is dedicated to getting involved, electing conservative candidates, streamlining government and making it more accountable.  We support smaller government, lower taxes and assuming more personal responsibility.


Our purpose is to advocate conservative political, economic, social and national security principles through education, discussion, guest speakers, voter registration and other initiatives that the club deems appropriate.


•     Assist in the understanding of modern conservative principles through

      education, group discussions, lectures and workshops.

•    To promote and advocate conservative ideals in political discourse.

•    To participate in the current election cycle.



•    Encourage and provide vehicles for Voter Registration in Siena

•    Participate in “Get Out The Vote” activities on election day

•    Bring conservative speakers to Siena

•    Conduct educational workshops on subjects such as:

        o Declaration of Independence

        o Constitution, including Bill of Rights and Amendments

        o History of Modern Conservatism

        o Current Political Events and their long-term impacts

        o Conservative economic principles

• Interface with and conduct joint activities with similar clubs throughout Clark County

• Create one recurring “Signature Event” per year for the Club, such as a 4th of July          Breakfast with speaker..

Activities sponsored by the Siena Conservative Club are open to all Siena residents.

Annual membership dues are $10.