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General Meeting






Thursday, June 6, 2013 at 6:00 PM,


Our next meeting will be Thursday June 6, at 6PM

In the Siena Community Center Ballroom


Thursday at 6 PM Guest Speaker: Brent Leavitt from Nevada Benefits Corp.

 Brent Leavitt, who was a Republican candidate for the Nevada State Assembly District 7, will up-date us on what we have to look forward to with the 13,000 page Health Mandate, aka Obama Care.  Brent is a Las Vegas native attended Rancho High School and is a UNR graduate earning a Bachelor of Science, Economics.  He is a Financial Solutions Specialist at Nevada Benefits Corp that specializes in business Buy/Sell, and succession planning, financial planning, College planning, group benefits, and economic theory.

 Also, donít miss our monthly up-date from Carson City, Siena and raffle.


The Conservative SIG is a group organized to promote and encourage the traditional American values of limited government, free enterprise, strong families, conservative political, social, and national sovereignty and security through education, guest speakers, and other initiatives.



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