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General Meeting


 Thursday, July 7, at 6:00PM, not 6:30 as usual.



Links below contain a wealth of information about our July speaker, Mark Hutchison. Mark is the name partner in the Hutchison Steffen Law Firm up the road on Hualapai. Mark is currently involved in 2 major issues affecting Nevadans:

1. Lead Counsel for the State of Nevada on the multi-state lawsuit seeking to have ObamaCare deemed unconstitutional by the US Supreme Court.

2. Lead Counsel for the Nevada Republican Party on redistricting, an issue headed to the Nevada Supreme Court.

Mark will talk to us about both of these issues. You will find them very educational. Bring friends and neighbors.


Also present will be Sen. Elizabeth Halseth who will follow Mark's presentation with some comments on the recently concluded legislative session.

I recognize that we are getting into the dog days of summer, but our credibility as a club (and our ability to continue to attract speakers) is dependent on having a good turnout at these events. Please support us with your attendance.

Best regards,

Phil Perine

President, Siena Conservatives

(702) 491-5260